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Saturday, February 28, 2015
Protecting your Script


Protecting your Script: "Is there a downside to registering with the Copyright Office? Well, it costs $10 more, and you can't register material online. And, typical of a government institution, it takes a long time, currently four to six months, to receive the official certificate that says that your work has been accepted for registration. But that doesn't mean that your material isn't protected during that time; submissions are date-stamped as soon as they are received by the Copyright Office and protection (for those materials eventually accepted for registration) is deemed effective as of that date."
The information presented here is entirely incorrect. WGA registration really only protects WGA writers in the event that they want to arbitrate a dispute for a union project.

Copyright protection, on the other hand, protects any writer and, despite the incorrect information here, can be done online at www.copyright.gov with a PDF or Word document.

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